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Pastel Painting Workshop in France Spring 2019

With Provence Art Experience, we will follow in the footsteps of Cezanne and Van Gogh (goosebumps) and we will work hard with comparative critiques to the French Impressionists. And our meals will be authentically country French. Check out the fabulous Itinerary

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The Sublime

The experience of the sublime is to be looked for in art. Art integrates senses, emotions, and thought. The sublime in art elevates our sensory experience, heightens and taps our emotional potential, and furthers our knowledge. The sublime in art can also give us a moral, a stance towards living. At its best, the sublime in art inspires awe in our human potential and gives us a path to evolve as a whole being and as a species.

Newberry, Give and Receive

Curriculum Vitae

Michael Newberry, b. 1956, is an American neo-romanticist painter based in Idyllwild, California. He blends a variety of influences, notably Rembrandt and the French Impressionists. His major works are typically life-sized canvases. His works are collected by internationally renowned people such as designer Chan Luu and philosopher Stephen Hicks. Read more ...


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