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Adam and Eve, Christine Hunt Idyllwild Home

Evolutionary Romanticist

Instagram Art Archive Project
Venus of the Planets, oil on linen, 64x48", studio inventory, archived in Definitive Works
Studio Inventory on Instagram
Selfie with Diptych, Give and Receive

Selfie with Synergy and God Releasing Stars into the Universe

Artemis Time-Lapse, about 20k views. There are a dozen or so time-lapse vids of my works on YouTube.

Cycle of Life

The Sublime
The experience of the sublime is to be looked for in art. Art integrates senses, emotions, and thought. The sublime in art elevates our sensory experience, heightens our emotion and can tap our emotional potential, and furthers our knowledge. The sublime in art can also give us a moral, a stance towards living. At its best, the sublime in art inspires awe in our human potential and gives us a path to evolve as a whole being and as a species.
Cycle of Life: Katie Pregnant, oil on linen, 60x42" studio inventory