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About Michael

Michael Newberry has been exploring figurative art for more than four decades with a focus on unleashing his best. Fascinated by the problem of visually transcribing senses, emotion, and thought he has sought to paint his discoveries, sometimes achieving the synergy of everything into one definitive work.

Some of his notable paintings are Denouement, Icarus Landing, Puccini, Manhattan at Night (with the Twin Towers), and his current Arabesque Lovers' Series. He has exhibited in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, New York, Rome, Athens, and he will have an upcoming show in Washington D.C. in the fall of 2017.

He discovered Rembrandt at 11 years-old, Ayn Rand at 20, and Puccini at 26; they have fueled his lifelong excitement for the sublime in art. He has also written and lectured on the visual arts covering contemporary representational artists, postmodernists, symbolism, and the aesthetics of Rand and Kant. Two well-received articles are Detecting Value Judgments in Painting, and Terrorism and Postmodern Art.

He was the founder of Newberry Gallery in Santa Monica, 2008-10 and he was the founder of Foundation for the Advancement of Art in 2003. Important collectors are Stephen Hicks, and Chan Luu