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Works Available Right Now

The following works are available through negotiation. More important than the price is
the quality of your guardianship. The ideal collector for these works is a person who is burning the candle at both ends, living a great lifestyle, savvy, and fearless. These paintings will not serve as decoration, but if you would like to live with inspiring, powerful visual statements that extend beyond any space - that stay with you as reminder of your stance on life, then you might be in the right place. I love these works very much, and I only want to release them to really great loving homes. If you are interested in owning one you can contact me here.

Subscribe to see available works as they are signed plus some gems of drawings and pastels.

Three or four times a week I send out an email of an available drawing or small painting, some still wet and just signed. I include a brief description of the work and why I painted it, and a link to its live auction. It's a great way to get an original Newberry, and sometimes at a really great price. 

What I get in modest prices I gain tremendously in freedom. I am living an ideal artist's life, a cabin in the sky (one of the most beautiful places in the world, Idyllwild). And the ability to paint 24/7 on major works and countless explorations. For example my ongoing Rainbow Series of small still life oil paintings exploring color theory. Being part of the art scene has zero interest for me, and contradicts everything I think an artist's life is about, which is exploring art and making wondrous things. Selling a work directly to the collector is a 100 x's more gratifying, and personal - it's like my friends have become part of your family.

Studio Updates

Once every few months I give a general update on all the art stuff I am working on: sketches, studies for big paintings, work in progress, and some thoughts on what I am discovering.

Commentaries and Observations about Art

I think a lot about art and how I do it, it's part of listening to the voices in my head. And I am always, always looking for the key - the key that unlocks the puzzle. And once found it opens up an entirely new aspect of the art universe and most importantly it enables elegant solutions and understanding.

Art Rules

The art universe is as complicated and universal as any religion or philosophy. Being prejudiced, I think art rules because it is made up of everything to do with our souls, minds, perceptions, and passions. From that perspective I have written articles about the nature of different art movements, and I have written about technical aspects of making art. Some of my insights might seem mundane, like Composition in One Easy Lesson, but others like how Michelangelo's style of drawing is a Transformation from Touch to Sight might help contribute to a modern renaissance.  

Some of my Works in Private Collections

Ascension Day


Lynia wearing a Hat

Woman in Blue




Man from Manhattan
(Self Portrait)

Ascension Night



Lovers Jumping


A Writer and an Artist