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Ascension Day

Ascension Day
oil on linen, 74 x 60 inches, private collection

Mundane things like chores, errands, shopping, bills, and being professional are not the stuff of hopes and dreams. Some people discount the god of boredom, but he is actually a very thoughtful and kind god in a reverse psychological way, in that he makes life so dull it becomes a call to rise up and imagine something more adventurous.

It can be scary to let go. To walk up to the edge, breathe deep, pivot towards the sun, and just surrender. Meanwhile it seems everyone and their mother is holding you back with invisible threads just as the Lilliputians tied down Gulliver to prevent him from moving, much less continuing his journey.

There is no guide, no teacher, and no pilot for this flight.

The warm glow of energy touches you and ever so gently tugs on your ribs pulling you upwards. There is a frightening moment when the toe separates from earth, but that fear is quickly replaced by a feeling of lightness as wind currents tingle your senses and uplift your spirit. The boulders of problems diminish, and fall behind, shrinking to pebbles, and then to dust. Ironically the dust particles are swept up by the winds disappearing until they are transformed into glowing microdots which we know as stars. Once ascended and away you can see that everything is made of energy and the only problem is how to carve meaning from vibrations.

Imagination then becomes the currency of your lightness. And with your imagination we all grow and evolve.