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Idyllwild Paintings
2013 - 2017

Coffee Table Book. Idyllwild Paintings is a journey from the indifferent art scene of Downtown L.A. to the granite mountains of Idyllwild. In danger of losing the meaning of being an artist, Michael Newberry sought a place to explore depth, death, love, and light. Inside are over 45 paintings of narrative, abstract realism, and larger than life-sized portraits.

Idyllwild Paintings
2013 - 2017 (eBook)

Identical to the coffee table book but as an eBook. $3.99

Charcoal and Pastel Still Lifes

Charcoal and Pastel Still Lifes is a peek into Michael Newberry's process of layering light and color of subjects that have personal meaning to him. For this publication the artist chose 15 of his favorite still life works, which show a range of possibilities: from the child-like wonder of a shell’s curves, to how a still life can convey the symbolism of revolution.