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oil on linen, 82 x 66 inches, studio inventory

Laying down in a closed, dark, tiled space, too young to understand, too inexperienced to sort through feelings, and in too much pain to be aware of the world around him, the ten year old had no choice but to examine everything--or face oblivion. Deep inside him surfaced a feeling of goodness. That feeling would ultimately anchor him to life and earth. Read more ...  

God Releasing Stars into the Universe

God Releasing Stars into the Universe

oil on linen, 82 x 66 inches, studio inventory

Giving. Giving absolutely everything until the foundations start to rattle and its energy transforms into pure light vibrations.​ ​ It exhausts every human experience and becomes the gental sparks of wonder rising like wishes upon the sky. 

Denouement, oil on linen, 54 x 78 inches, private collection

Love. Private collection.

Icarus Landing, acrylic on linen, 55 x 36 inches, studio inventory

Flying high and higher, experiencing everything, yet instead of burning and crashing, as the legend tells us, he gains love and wisdom and gently blesses our world. Studio inventory.

Pursuit, oil on linen, 70 x 52 inches, private collection

I had already been studying fine art for 3 years in Los Angeles, and 3 years in Holland, and I was ready to move beyond art school. My first impulses are always to go big, so I decided to move to New York, "If you make it there you can make it anywhere." The painful part of the decision to leave Holland was that I would be leaving my dearly and passionately loved partner. But leave I did, "Onward and upward!" Read more ...

Adam and Eve, diptych, oil on linen, 72 x 92 inches, private collection

The glance that becomes legendary. Private collection.

Absorption, oil on linen, 50 x 40 inches, private collection

With every vibrating pulse of blood, I will give to thee. Private collection.

Ascension Day
Ascension Day, oil on linen, 74 x 60 inches, private collection

The warm glow of energy touches you and ever so gently tugs on your ribs pulling you upwards. There is a frightening moment when the toe separates from earth, but that fear is quickly replaced by a feeling of lightness as wind currents tingle your senses and uplift your spirit. Read more ... 

Ascension Night, oil on linen, 42 x 30 inches, private collection

Through space and night, through shifts of gravity, through torques of pain, the constant is moving towards the light. Private collection.

Counterpose, oil on linen, 36 x 42 inches, studio inventory

Contrasting forms and colors and feelings. 

Promethia 2 The Noble Soul Has Reverence For Itself

oil on linen, 78 x 58 inches, studio inventory

Reverence for herself conveyed through my ideal pairing of figurative sculpture, modern architecture, and nature. 

Unbearable Lightness of Being
oil on canvas, 36 x 58 inches, studio inventory

Enveloping release. 

oil on canvas, 46 x 42 inches, White Cloud Gallery inventory

Before there was the Origin of the World there was man. 

Arabesque Series - Vertical, Diagonal, Horizontal  

Arabesque - Female Couple - Vertical
oil on canvas, 60 x 36 inches, studio inventory
The quietness of listening to a lover's heartbeat beats louder than voices. 

Arabesque - Heterosexual Couple - Diagonal
oil on canvas, 48 x 72 inches. Studio inventory

Arabesque - Male Couple - Horizontal
oil on canvas, 36 x 60 inches, studio inventory
The touches that form euphoria.