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The Future of Art
Lecture by Richard Barker, featuring six paintings by Michael Newberry
​00:00 Disclaimers
01:35 The artist’s intent has shifted since the Renaissance
05:40 The shift in art reflects a shift in human perception
08:40 You perceive through the lens of your Story
12:30 First-hand knowledge v. Second-hand knowledge
15:08 Art is the Anima’s method of expressing the ineffable
17:57 Your Story is “presented” to your Anima in the Theater of the Mind
19:40 Your Story’s filtering mechanism
25:01 The hero of your Story is an “avatar” of you (aka your Ego)
27:56 Kalle Lasn quote
29:51 The Shift away from your Story, towards your Anima
32:01 Franz Kafka quote
34:29 The spontaneous shift induced by the sublime in nature & art
38:33 Artistic freedom, from the “shared Story” of culture
43:53 Six paintings by Michael Newberry
55:23 Questions from the audience
61:48 Comment by Janel Ruehl
70:21 Comment by Kaarin Elizabeth
Video created by FrazierDrake