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Overview of Michael Newberry's Art

6 min 40 sec
An overview of Michael Newberry's art, including a few definitive works, time-lapse, and studies.

Jennifer Grossman Interviews Michael Newberry

Michael Newberry, the Atlas Society's Artist in Residence, talks about the philosophical roots of ugliness in modern art, and why he draws inspiration from Ayn Rand. Newberrry, whose large scale portraits often feature the nude form, talks about the distinction, in Ayn Rand's view and his own, between pornography and nudity in art. He also talks about his upcoming reading group in which he will guide students through analysis of Rand's Romantic Manifesto.

20:00 min, audio only

The Future of Art

Lecture by Richard Barker,
featuring six paintings by Michael Newberry

​00:00 Disclaimers
01:35 The artist’s intent has shifted since the Renaissance
05:40 The shift in art reflects a shift in human perception
08:40 You perceive through the lens of your Story
12:30 First-hand knowledge v. Second-hand knowledge
15:08 Art is the Anima’s method of expressing the ineffable
17:57 Your Story is “presented” to your Anima in the Theater of the Mind
19:40 Your Story’s filtering mechanism
25:01 The hero of your Story is an “avatar” of you (aka your Ego)
27:56 Kalle Lasn quote
29:51 The Shift away from your Story, towards your Anima
32:01 Franz Kafka quote
34:29 The spontaneous shift induced by the sublime in nature & art
38:33 Artistic freedom, from the “shared Story” of culture
43:53 Six paintings by Michael Newberry
55:23 Questions from the audience
61:48 Comment by Janel Ruehl
70:21 Comment by Kaarin Elizabeth
Video created by FrazierDrake